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Flat 15% Off For New Customers | Use Code : New15

Puressentiel Essential Oil Tea Tree - 10 ml

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Essential oil of tea tree is strongly anti-infectious, antibacterial and antifungal. It is also anti-viral and acts against influenza, dengue, chikungunya and eruptive diseases of childhood. It treats through its broad spectrum all mouth (mouth ulcers, gingivitis), ENT and bronchial domain (sinusitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, tracheitis and bronchitis) and digestive system (enteritis and enterocolitis) infections. It is also used successfully for all cutaneous infections, parasites and fungi (acne, cuts, herpes, psoriasis, Herpes zoster, warts, dry patches, cutaneous, genital, skin fold mycoses, athletes foot, etc.) . It also has a decongestant and tonifying action.

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  • Acne : 1 drop of essential oil from the tea tree. Apply on spots, tip by tip, three times daily until improvement.

    Mild burns, child cuts : 4 drops of essential oil of true lavender, 2 drops of essential oil of tea tree. Apply this mixture on the wounds three times daily for three days. (Not suitable for children under the age of three years.)

    Childhood sore throat : Give the child three times daily for six days, 1 drop of essential oil of tea tree in some honey. (Not suitable for children under the age of six years.)

    3 drops of essential oil of tea tree, 2 drops of neutral plant oil. You can also use the above mixture applied to the neck (lymph nodes), sternum or the chest, three times daily until recovery.

  • Originating in Australia, this large evergreen leafy shrub, completely unrelated to the famed beverage despite the misleading name, was discovered by naturalists who traveled with Cook on his trip down the Endeavour River (1772-1775). They gave it this name because they used it as a substitute for tea, deeming it fragrant and reinvigorating.

    • 1EOBBD Essential Oil Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined.
    • 100% pure and natural: No solvents, no fillers, no synthetic fragrances
    • 100% Organic: Produced by organic agriculture
    • Aroma: Fresh, green, strong, camphor-like fragrance
  • • INGREDIENT: ESSENTIAL OIL OF Melaleuca alternifolia*
    • *Produced by organic agriculture
    • Equivalence: 1ml 34 drops.

    Do not use in the presence of and for children aged under 12 years old. Do not use it for pregnant women or if breastfeeding, or for people with a history of convulsive disorders, epilepsy or for people who are allergic to essential oils. For people receiving medical treatment and for children, seek the advice of a health specialist. Do not apply undiluted oil directly onto skin, always dilute first in a carrier oil. Wash undiluted oil off skin with soap and water. May cause a skin allergy. If in doubt, carry out a patch test beforehand. Do not massage onto damaged or irritated skin. If consulting a health specialist, keep the product or packaging available. Avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes or clothing. If swallowed or spilt in the eyes get medical advice. Rinse eyes with clean water. Do not discharge into the environment. Dispose of the contents/container in accordance with regulations. For external use only. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Caution - the undiluted oil is FLAMMABLE.
    Made in France. Laboratoire PURESSENTIEL® - Avenue Molière 144 - 1050 Bruxelles Belgique