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Essential Oil Recipes To Soothe Headache And Migraine Conditions

Essential Oil Recipes To Soothe Headache And Migraine Conditions

Headaches concern eight million people in India. The causes are various: affection of the ENT sphere, stomatological or ophthalmological, trauma, etc. It can also be an intolerance to certain foods (chocolate, dairy products, nuts, high sugar). Headaches often occur with late-day fatigue, accompanying a state of tension or anxiety.

Essential oils very quickly relieve pain by simple local application. Puressentiel pays extra emphasis on your wellbeing. Studies have shown that improper treatment of headache results in effects superior to placebo and as effective as paracetamol. However, you have to act at the first sign.


The word comes from the Greek term meaning "pain affecting half of the skull". The medical term of migraine designates a particular syndrome made up of pulsatile cephalalgia crises of vasomotor origin, spontaneously resolving. These migraine attacks can be accompanied by vomiting and sensory disturbances. The origin is unknown. Migraine sufferers are very sensitive to light and ambient noise. Essential oils providing relief are Roman Chamomile, Wintergreen, Clove, True Lavender, and Peppermint.

Solution- Beneficial massage

Massage the frontal sinuses with 1 drop of wintergreen essential oil and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. (Not suitable for children under the age of twelve.)

In Diffusion- Diffuse the essential oil of peppermint for fifteen minutes. To be renewed once or twice.


The Ophthalmic migraine is a migraine preceded by the appearance of luminous points in the visual field disturbing the vision and causing dizziness and nausea. Although there are multiple triggers, eye strain should be taken into account, especially when facing a TV or computer screen.

Solution- From the first symptoms:

1 drop of essential oil of peppermint poured on sugar or a neutral tablet and ingested at the first symptoms will provide rapid relief.

In Diffusion: You can also apply a drop diluted in 2 drops of neutral vegetable oil or sweet almond with your fingertips on each temple, being careful to stay away from the eyes.


The right gesticulations:

1) Migraine due to fatigue accompanied by nausea: reflex points of the foot

2) Digestive migraine: massage and squeeze the temples with small circular movements

The physiotherapist's advice:

Apply your analgesic essential oils at the strategic points indicated on our drawing. With a roller, it is even more practical: the ball rolls precisely on the point indicated, which you can take advantage of to massage, press, with small circular movements.

Important Note

Headaches sometimes occur when you have been tense for hours in one position, such as typing on the computer keyboard. To prevent the problem, just get up at regular intervals and stretch the entire area by pulling the neck gently in all directions, and kneading the area of ​​the trapezius. You can even place your hands on the shoulders to draw small circles, very slow, which loosen the muscles of the upper back.


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