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When Beauty Meets Aromatherapy – Puressentiel

When Beauty Meets Aromatherapy – Puressentiel

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One of the world’s very few aroma-therapeutic brands, meet Puressentiel – a one of its kind and 100% family-run laboratory producing ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas based on a simple principle: Pure Effectiveness. Available in a wide range of 280 Products in 90 Countries, this made in France brand is a vegan, synthetic fragrance-free, and paraben-free brand for all that can’t be missed.

A socially conscious brand at its core, Puressentiel is constantly supporting projects that protect biodiversity, environmentalism, and work toward the education and protection of kids and healthcare sector as well.

In a colloquy with Karina Kapoor, Brand Head, Puressential India, we dive into the brand’s unique concept, leading with sustainability, and future ventures for the best-selling product brand.

Starting off, tell us a bit about your brand. How did the concept of Puressentiel come about?

Puressentiel was founded in 2005 by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni out of passion for aromatherapy and natural active ingredients, taking the market by storm by democratizing aromatherapy with the first “ready-to-use” products. Supported by botanists, engineers, aromatherapy and toxicology specialists, doctors and pharmacists, we prepare innovative, effective and convenient formulations, attentive to creating natural solutions to relieve everyday ailments.

What would you say is the brand’s USP?

The brand’s USP is of course that it is in a unique category of its own. 100% natural plant based essential oils are used to create a ready end product which has true health solutions. It comes between the Drugs/Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care, thus creating its niche.

As one of the only few brands that don’t just utilize it but are aroma therapeutic, what has the response been like from the Indian mass? Do you think aromatherapy is widely recognized or is there a long way to go here?

In a short time of its launch in India that too in the midst of the pandemic we have seen a surprising response both online and offline. The word of mouth and a great fan following, the customers just keep coming back for more. And we are already in the process of introducing a lot many ranges to the market soon. Aroma amongst Indians is usually related to Home Fragrance and Diffusers; however, Ayurveda is an integral part of Indian culture. Aromatherapy/Essential Oil therapy, again, falls in between the two. With the use of essential oils (which is a part of Ayurveda) via the olfactory elements of the human body triggers the brain to promote health functions.

Sustainability is a huge part of the brand that makes Puressentiel, so how close is it to your heart personally? What makes this aspect so important to you?

Climate change has been a recurring topic on all panels. However, with the pandemic and how it has truly affected each and every human on the planet we are just that much more convinced and closer to changing our daily habits and becoming more sustainable. Thinking about our future generations and the Earth we live on is not just important but imperative. Thus the sourcing on ingredients from different parts of the world and implementing long-term partnerships with the producers is key to protecting nature, local populations, worker’s rights and sustainable farming. Puressentiel is also committed to its pure quality charter that imposes requirements on all the stakeholders from harvest to delivery in an eco-friendly manner and has its own Puressentiel Foundation as well.

What does Puressentiel have in store for the future? Any up and coming products we should be keeping an eye out for?

Now that we have assessed the response in the market and trends moving towards natural and sustainable, be sure to expect a lot coming from us. The next few products would be of course the hand and surface purifying gel and how this product is the most multi-use-friendly product. Following which some pure oils for diffusers and DIY Kits along with muscle and joint soreness, repellents, and intimate wash. We look forward to collaborating and making sure the range is readily available in all cities and offline and online both.

What’s your wellness philosophy?

Wellness should not be restricted to just physical nutrition and exercise, it is a dynamic state of full-body awareness both mental and emotional. The body is made to heal itself and the power is within us. Emotion, Feeling, Desire, Memories, Beliefs, etc. are all crucial in controlling how our health and body functions. Unless all segments are not managed and cared for one cannot truly be alive and well.

Lastly, what’s your advice for budding entrepreneurs in the same industry as you?

The Indian market is nascent to the new competition coming in. We stick to our old grandmothers’ recipes which work, yes, however with time and our lifestyles the recipes need to be tweaked and thus arises opportunity. There is a lot one needs to look out for in the industry, observe and be up to date with the findings around the world. India is an unsaturated market and thus no idea is small.

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