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Flat 15% Off For New Customers | Use Code : New15
Flat 15% Off For New Customers | Use Code : New15
Get Rid Of Toxic Ambience And Destress With Puressentiel’s Oil Based Sprays!

Get Rid Of Toxic Ambience And Destress With Puressentiel’s Oil Based Sprays!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Need a Germ-free environment for your long work from home hours? Want to avoid Monday Blues and get a full night's sleep? Worry not, Puressentiel will solve all your dilemmas with its essential oil based aromatherapy sprays that are 100% chemical free and suitable for the whole family. So if you want to eliminate all that toxic energy around you, wake up refreshed, and breathe in the goodness of nature, this brand might just be the one for you. 

This Made in France venture was conceived back in 2005, to introduce the world with the benefits of Natural Aromatherapy and the magic of essential oils to give your whole family preventive medicinal alternatives. To give you a more purified environment everyday, Puressentiel is now available in India! Isn’t that awesome? Their clinically tested, amazing line of sprays comprises of: 

Rest and Relax Spray​ - ​With the work from home concept still in full swing, tackling stress and anxiety becomes a mammoth task! In addition to the never ending household chores and catering to the needs of the family, a peaceful night’s sleep seems like a far fetched dream. But ​Puressentiel​ will give you a serene sleep cycle with its 12 essential oils infused natural spray mixed with the goodness of Lavender and Chamomile​. So bid adieu to insomnia by improving your nervous system balance with this magical product. Just spray it in the 4 four corners of your room or on wet tissue and place it in close proximity and viola! 


Respiratory Spray​ –​ Protect your loved ones this flu season at the first signs of discomfort. From the kids to your moms’ congestion, blockages and sinusitis, Puressentiel’s respiratory spray will clear up and soothe your airways in a jiffy. Spray it in simmering water or on tissue. The 19 essential oil infused spray will work wonders for the whole family! This ​precautionary non-medicinal solution will take away all your nose and throat related problems​! 

Air Purifying Spray -​ Clean and germ-free ambience is the need of the hour, their Air Purifying Spray is the one to lookout for since we are spending all our time indoors at home. Spray it in the 4 corners of the room, cupboards, bathrooms, car, anywhere, and minutes later, ​enjoy an antibacterial, antiviral cleansed space. With a patented formula of 41 essential oils this product has been clinically tested to kill 99.9% Germs and is a must have with the Virus in and around all the time.
We don’t know about you, but we are already looking forward to a cozy and improved good night’s sleep and a germ free environment with ​Puressentiel​ sprays. What about you? Where can you buy these life-changing sprays? Right here on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and offline in Food Halls across the country. 


The best part is, these Made in France natural sprays are not too much work. Just spray it around and treat yourself with a purified environment. Isn’t that amazing? So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these amazing wellness sprays now! Head over to their Instagram​ and ​Facebook​ to know more. 

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