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Flat 15% Off For New Customers | Use Code : New15
Beneficial, Safe & Sustainable- Make way for Aromatherapy

Beneficial, Safe & Sustainable- Make way for Aromatherapy

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Puressentiel India
celebrates World Environment Day with a health & wellness panel by organizing an insightful webinar on ‘The Health Benefits of Essential oils: The new normal in these stressful times’.

The French, 100% natural, vegan Aromatherapy brand, Puressentiel India organized a webinar on the 2nd of June in association with the Women Inspiring Network to interact and educate the Indian audience around the Health Benefits of Essential oils: The new normal in these stressful times. People have been managing and recovering from pre and post covid repercussions across the country, hence the panel discussed the benefits of essential oils and the impact of aromatherapy in coping with these stressful times mentally and physically for the entire family.

Mr. Romain Rance, Global Education Manager for the Puressentiel Laboratory welcomed the audience while introducing Aromatherapy, “Aromatherapy or Essential Oil therapy as it’s called is made up of Essential oils which are procured out of plants’ flowers, leaves, stems, etc that helps in getting the true essence and benefit of the plant. Essential oils can be used for flavor, fragrance, and healing therapy as its properties work as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, digestion, muscle relaxant, and so on.”

Answering to one of the audience’s questions, Ms. Mansi Zaveri, Founder, shares her experience using aromatherapy and how it has benefitted her family. After a long day playing multiple roles as a Mother, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator, Mansi claims “Essential oils help me de-stress and feel relaxed. Even my kids now love the aroma they bring about. Even when they were little, use of these oils in the house helped them come over their night terrors and present a calmer atmosphere. I would highly recommend you make the switch and try it for yourself too!”

Ms. Parineeta Sethi, Chief Editor, GlobalSpa Magazine further shares her insights on Aromatherapy, linking it with Ayurveda, “India has been a land of Ayurveda since ages and aromatherapy is an outcome of our ancestors using these essential oils in incense sticks. Ayurveda uses the three elemental doṣhas i.e., vāta, pitta and kapha to treat different illnesses. We all are aware that aromatherapy doesn’t have any known side effects, but we always have to be very careful about using anything and everything wisely. So, it’s very important for us to choose the right products before using, like trying a patch before making the purchase.”

Talking about the Aroma journey, Celebrity, Entrepreneur, Influencer Kanisha Malhotra shares how she overcomes her migraine triggers post a hectic day at work regularly using essential oils instead of instantly relying on medication. Acknowledging her health issues, Romain shared the importance of using specific ingredients in an array of methods like steam inhalation, consumption, and application in the right quantity to overcome various allergies, chronic diseases, sinus, body aches, etc.

Talking about the current situation, Health and Wellness coach, Pratishtha Rawat brings light to the COVID symptoms and effects as she quips on how essential oils can help in coping with breathlessness and help in regulating your oxygen level. Adding to the same, Romain suggested how the Puressentiel Respiratory Sprays can help one get rid of toxins, enhance the respiratory passage and cope with anxiety as they are rich in essential oils that also help in fighting the virus as per their studies.

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